Register with this practice

Please first check you are in our area using the link below.

Please click here to see if you are within the specified area.

We do not accept registrations from anyone living outside our practice boundary.

Our practice boundary covers Bredgar, Milstead, Borden, Tunstall, Rodmersham and all areas on this side of the A2. We also extend to Murston on the other side of the A2.

Online registration link

Once you have completed your online registration, your address is checked to make sure you are in area.

You will then be registered within 10 working days. We will then send you a SMS message or email confirming your registration with the Memorial Medical Centre.

Other ways to register

You can register with our surgery by visiting reception and collecting a GMS1 form or printing it from this link.. GMS1 registration form.

Please also fill out our  New Patient Questionnaire 2023

For further information regarding registration, please contact the surgery reception or email

Everyone is welcome in general practice. You can register without needing proof of ID, address,  immigration status or an NHS number in order to receive care or see a GP. However, if you can provide 1 form of ID that has your name and address on it, for accurate spelling and proof of address then this would be very helpful.

If you are having trouble completing the form then a patient coordinator will be able to assist you with this at reception.

Memorial Medical Centre is open to all new patients wishing to join who live within our catchment area.

We do encourage that you register using the online link . If you are unable to do this please follow the above guidance when submitting paper forms.

We are also  accepting registration forms via email at: (please ensure you include your registration form, new patient questionnaire).  You will be registered within 10 working days providing you are in our practice boundary.

Named GP

All patients at the Memorial Medical Centre have a named, accountable doctor who is responsible for coordinating their care.

Your named doctor will be allocated to you by the practice. You can still talk to or make appointments to see any of our doctors or nurses, not just your named GP.

If you have a preference and would like to request a particular doctor at the practice to be your named GP please talk to one of our patient coordinators.

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 8th July, 2024