Sittingbourne primary care network support team

PCN – About us

These services are available to help provide you with the care you may need from medical professionals without making an appointment with the GP first.

Please use our online service to send your request into the surgery, we can then we refer you to the correct medical professional.  You can also email us or phone us to request a referral.

Clinical pharmacists

There are 2 Clinical Pharmacists available (one currently on maternity leave)

Clinical pharmacists can help with: Medication reviews, housebound, frailty, polypharmacy, meds associated with errors, QOF elements

Social prescribers

There are 3 Social prescribers available

Social prescribers helps with:

  • Support with accessing counselling services for mental health and bereavement.
  • Support with housing and finance issues
  • Support with social engagement and inclusion
  • Signposting to relevant support networks

Health coaches

There are 2 Health coaches available (one currently on maternity leave).

Health coaches can help with:

  • General Health Goals – smoking and alcohol abuse
  • Movement advice
  • Nutritional Advice

Cancer care co-ordinator

A Cancer Care Co-Ordinator is available to help with:

  • Navigating Patients to health and social care services
  • Provide a vital link between patients and the range of statutory and voluntary services
  • Supports patients with emotional and financial wellbeing

Children’s navigators

There are 2 Children’s Navigators available to help with:

  • Behaviour, wellbeing and mental health support
  • Signposting and navigation of support services
  • Referrals for ASD/ADHD and mental health support

Date published: 20th December, 2022
Date last updated: 31st January, 2024