Your pharmacist can help too

Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals and can give you confidential health advice for a range of common illnesses and complaints.

Don’t wait for a GP appointment for coughs, colds, aches and pains. Just call your local pharmacy a call or drop in – there’s no need to make an appointment.

Your pharmacists can also help you decide if you need to see a doctor or nurse.

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Minor illnesses your pharmacist can help you with


Acne, Spots and Pimples, Allergic Reactions, Athletes Foot, Bites or Stings, Insect or Spider Blisters, Itch, Scabies, Skin, rash


Constipation, Diarrhoea, Rectal Pain, Vomiting


Ankle Foot Pain or Swelling, Headache, Hip, Thigh or Buttock Pain or Swelling, Knee or Lower Leg Pain, Lower Back Pain, Lower Limb Pain or Swelling, Shoulder Pain, Toe Pain or Swelling, Wrist, Hand or Finger Pain

Ear Nose and Throat

Ear discharge or Ear Wax Earache, Eye, Red or Irritable Eye, Sticky, Watery, Eyelid problem, Hearing Problem or Blocked Ears, Mouth ulcers, Sore Throat, Watery Eyelid Problems


Cough, Cold and Flu, Nasal Congestion

Other problems

Hair Loss, Sleep Difficulties, Tiredness, Vaginal Discharge, Vaginal Itch or Soreness, Wound Problems – management or dressings

Date published: 22nd December, 2022
Date last updated: 22nd December, 2022